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October 21, 2021

Director General  


Dr. saber golkari

Degree: PhD in Plant Biotechnology

Email: sgolkari@yahoo.com



Deputy Director General for Research


Dr . maryam hashemi

Degree: Doctor of Food Science and Engineering,Biotechnology, University of Tehran

 Email: hashemim@abrii.ac.ir

Tel : 02632701038




Deputy Director General for Technology

Pejman Azadi, Ph.D (Plant Biotechnology)    

Assistant Professor

Deputy Director General for Technology, Agricultural Biotechnology Research  Institute of Iran (ABRII)  


P. O. Box: 31535-1897

Seed & Plant Improvement Campus, Mahdasht Road,  Karaj, Iran.

Tel: +98 26 32709485 - 32703536   

Fax: +98 26 32704539

E-mail: azadip@abrii.ac.ir


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