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February 29, 2024
Mission and Vision

One of the preliminary concerns of the today’s world intellectuals, authorities and politicians is food security, specifically in the developing countries. Novel technologies have found their way globally as most prominent solutions in food security in the past few years. Biotechnology can be considered as one of the most significant novel technologies throughout the world, with an estimated market of 300 billion dollars specifying 30 percent of the world’s trade to itself. The share of the global market of agricultural biotechnology is significant (approximately thirty billion dollars). With no doubt, utilizing novel technologies,particularly biotechnology, is a way to solve the problems in agriculture, to achieve food security through improving yield and quality of the agricultural products, to enhance food safetylevel, to preserve natural resources and the ecosystem, to produce knowledge and capital to enhance sustainable development in the country. Moreover, biotechnology plays an important role in sustainable development and environment protection through replacing the dangerous chemical herbicides and fertilizers with biopesticides, biofertilizers and GMOs, decreasing greenhouse gases, enhancingwater and soil efficiency, and consequently preserving forests from being utilized as farmlands, identifying and increasing biodiversity and saving endangered species. Accordingly, the mission of Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII) is to solve the agricultural problems and to acheive food security and sustainable development in agriculture using biotechnology and nanotechnology. Our experts have attempted to work on customer-based and problem-based research projects. Consequently, focusing on research projects in demand, research privatization, profiting from knowledge-based companies and the private sector, reducing unnecessary expenses, renewing research equipment and training experts, are of the most fundamental issues of consideration. 

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