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September 25, 2023
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1st International Field Days, Karaj, 10-12 May, 2017
1st International Field Days, Karaj, 10-12 May, 2017

     The 1st International Field Days organized by German Agricultural Society (DLG) under patronage of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad was held for three days from May 10 to 12, 2017 in Karaj, Iran. It was a meeting point for companies operating in plant production and animal husbandry. The Field Days was an established innovative platform and meeting point for farmers, consultants and producers and distributors of seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products and machinery.

     H.E. Prof. Dr.  Eskandar Zand, Deputy Minister of Jihad-e-Keshavarzi (Agriculture), and Head of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO) declared that data collection and agriculture promotion have been of high concerns for the last three years. Transferring the latest achievements of researchers in the agricultural research institutes to farmers can be considered as the target of holding this national, and for the first time, international event.

    H.E. Mr. Eng. Abbas Keshavarz, Deputy minister in Agronomy, emphasized on the importance of commercialization of produced seeds at the opening of the exhibit. He also stated that the concentration of the seed producers should be mostly on exports. Having remarkable capacities to produce certified seeds, our country is able to develop the potentials for national and international companies to cooperate as joint ventures.

     He also referred to the plants’ diseases in different crops like wheat, barley, canola and rice, mentioning the significance of agricultural sections’ management to control the problem.

     The quality of the exhibition was believed to be satisfactory, says Ms. Sanja Petro Gajic, assistant manager of foreign trade from NS SEME, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, who had visited Iran for several times and aimed to help local Iranian farmers to improve their products. She was also one of the most successful cultivar exporters in Serbia, and evaluated the event as very organized and well-received.


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