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September 25, 2023
dividerNews ArchivedividerABRII Hosted the Developers of Blue Roses
ABRII Hosted the Developers of Blue Roses
ABRII Hosted the Developers of Blue Roses

Agricultural Biotechnology Institute of Iran hosted the first and the only scientists who developed roses, carnation and orchid all in blue color, 6th - 7th May 2017.

     “Molecular Breeding of Ornamental Plants Workshop” was held by participation of Dr. Yoshikazu Tanaka and Dr. Masahiro Mii, who were also invited to Iran in order to present at the “International Symposium on Wild Flowers and Native Ornamental Plants” in Ramsar.

     Dr. Pejman Azadi, the Deputy Director General for Technology of ABRII declared that Dr. Yoshikazu Tanaka and Dr. Masahiro Mii were invited to ABRII in order to participate in holding this workshop and visit the different departments of the institute. In this well-received event, the latest techniques of biotechnology and eugenics of ornamental plants and flowers were taught in theory and practice.

     He also mentioned that this two prominent scientists’ presence in ABRII could pave the way to inaugurate future collaboration with Suntory Global Innovation Centre, the world’s first developer of blue roses, by developing new species of ornamental plants using genetic engineering science in Iran.

     He also referred to the two-hundred-billion-dollar cash flow of the ornamental plants business in the world, which is in debt of producing new species. The blue ornamental flowers cannot be developed by traditional methods and cost up to sixty times more than the common species. Regarding this fact, achieving the techniques of developing these species by genetic engineering would gain considerable profit for our country.

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