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January 29, 2023
dividerNews ArchivedividerThe first joint meeting of Iranian and Brazilian agricultural research institutes was held
The first joint meeting of Iranian and Brazilian agricultural research institutes was held
The first joint meeting of Iranian and Brazilian agricultural research institutes was held

The first technical meeting was held on April 27, 2022, between the three research institutes of Iran including Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII), Seed and Plant Improvement Research Institute, and Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute, and the Brazil research institutes (Embrapa) including Soybean Research Institute, Aquaculture and Fisheries Research Institute, and Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Institute. The main purpose of this meeting was the initial acquaintance between the joint research institutes and also to introduce the capacities, facilities, and capabilities of both parties.

Dr. Jafari, Vice President for Research and Technology of Agricultural Research, Education, and Extension Organization (AREEO), Dr. Vali Nasab, Director General of the Scientific and International Cooperation Office of AREEO, Dr. Gholamreza Salehi Jouzani, Director General of ABRII, Dr. Najafian, Director of Seedling Improvement Research Institute and Dr. Hafezieh, Deputy for research of the Fisheries Science Research Institute, Dr. Maryam Hashemi and Dr. Babak Nakhoda, Deputy for Research and Head of Molecular Physiology Research Department of ABRII, and research assistants and international affairs officials of the other two research institutes attended this meeting.

Alexandre Morais, Advisor to the President of Embrapa on International Affairs, believed this meeting is a historic point to start joint cooperation between the two countries and the two research organizations. Kamel emphasized the establishment of scientific cooperation between the two countries. Dr. Vali Nasab stated that one of the priorities of the AREEO this year is the serious pursuit of cooperation between the two sides. Following the meeting, six PowerPoint presentations were presented by three research institutes/research institutes affiliated with the organization and three corresponding research institutes of the Embrapa organization, which included a complete introduction of the institutions. The heads of research institutes further explained the areas of future joint cooperation. In the end, while officially introducing the contact person of each institute, it was decided to hold joint specialized meetings separately for each research institute/research institute in the near future.

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