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April 18, 2024
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Financial Affairs Management
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  • Preparing the payroll and perquisite list of the employees, retired and pensioners from the institute’s budget
  • Issuing a payment request in order to receive credits for paying bills and other payments which are allowed by law to be taken from the treasury and according to circumstances be taken from credits or funds related to Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
  • Crediting the remittances by the authorities in order to specify the approved fund for the expenditures
  • Monitoring and interpreting cash flows based on the regulations
  • Managing financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems
  • Providing and interpreting financial information for each fiscal year and sending its report to the authorities
  • Keeping abreast of credits based on the annual budget regulations
  • Keeping the financial documents based on the regulations of Supreme Audit Court of Iran
  • Managing the money supply, deposits and securities
  • Keeping and observing the governmental assets, stored items, incomes, disaggregation of income’s sources, and reclamation of revenue from the Treasury General
  • Introducing the property holder person and observing his/her efficiency
  • Cooperating with the Chief Finance Ministry and subordinate units
  •  Opening accounts for depositing and withdrawing
  • Collaborating with the Management of Planning and Budget with the purpose of preparing the annual budget plan
  • Receiving the approved budget from the National Treasury
  • Constant observing on the expenditures resecting the protocols
  • Studying the indicators and techniques of optimizing and utilizing economically from procedural and research activities of ABRII
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