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April 18, 2024
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Planning and Budget Management
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  • Collecting and analyzing the performance information and data of the departments and regional institutes, and presenting the required statistics and data
  • Short, medium and long-term planning for the institute in collaboration with the subordinate units, regarding the protocols of the chief ministry, and following it up to the approval and notification stage
  • Collecting the statistics and data of the institute’s activities related to the research and executive units, and analyzing and presenting the required statistical reports
  • Receiving the approval of the plans and projects, and distributing it to each unit based on the criteria
  •  Considering the suggestions of the units working on the plans and projects, studying, analyzing and introducing changes or offering further recommendations for the plans and supplementary projects to the relevant organizations with following them up to the approval stage
  • Studying the obstacles of the plans, activities and projects, determining the development and procrastination factors, presenting solutions in order to solve the incompetence, and finally following them up to eradicate them
  • Providing performance records of the development of the plans, projects and their problems in order to present them to the Deputy for Planning and Budget
  • Performing the studies and evaluations with the aim of improving the approaches of providing the plans, projects and annual budget
  • Applying the approved administrative reform plans
  • Providing the departments statistical services for their research projects, and analyzing the outcome
  • Redesigning the institute’s organization and structure, finding the shortcomings and structural vulnerabilities, and eliminating the structural barriers
  • Designing, providing and initiating system improvement techniques
  • Applying the observation and recommendation system for customer orientation policy
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