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April 18, 2024
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Administrative Affairs and Support Management
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  • Recruiting the administrative and technical staff based on the institute’s protocols
  • Organizing administrative affairs like recruitment, promotion, transfer, appointment, leave, retirement, etc., and also providing the related regulations based on the recruitment protocols
  • Keeping recruitment records and providing its data
  • Providing the employees welfare such as health and medical, cooperative, physical education and entertainment
  • Applying the occupational classification
  • Providing all equipment and facilities according to departments needs
  • Managing the transportation of the employees and providing required services for transporting of short and long distance missions
  • Supervising all the servicing and supporting affairs of the institute
  • Managing the reconstruction and restoring the properties and supplies
  • Managing the storehouses
  • Providing supplies by identifying needs for the departments respecting the protocols
  • Following the regulations of the administrative services improvement
  • Observing the administrative correspondence
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