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April 18, 2024
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Planning and Organizing Research Affairs Management
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  • Planning in order to provide services and supporting research activities aiming to meet the technical and research needs
  • Scheduling effective timing for collecting research projects from the departments and regional institutes
  • Holding the assessment group meetings regularly where the views on projects are expressed and taking their minutes
  • Notifying the departments, regional institutes and research project leaders of the Scientific-technical committee’s decisions upon each case
  • Observing the trend of assessment committee’ decisions improving and completing the research projects based on the recommendations
  • Estimating the budget needed for the mega-projects, projects and students’ projects based on the research policies and priorities and also the assessment views, under the observation of the Management of Planning and Budget
  • Collecting and preserving the research projects progress reports and their mandatory organization with the research departments, with the purpose of providing the opportunity to utilize the institute and the regional institutes’ facilities aiming to perform the research projects
  • Planning in order to observe and assess the ongoing projects, and following up the views of the observing and assessing groups of the institute
  • Receiving the amendatory recommendations aiming to apply changes in ongoing projects, and following up them in the related subcommittees
  • Preparing the annual research work plan
  • Assessing the needs of the departments and regional institutes for equipment, and following the process up by the related sections
  • Anticipating and presenting recommendations with the purpose of developing and supplementing the equipment, sites and gadgets, regarding the research requirements
  • Providing the opportunity for utilizing the institute and regional institutes’ facilities with the aim of running the research projects in coordination with the research departments
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